Everyone knows that as a client at a land based casino you are offered lots of freebies and rewards just for playing at the casino, regardless of whether you actually win and lose. In fact, the main criteria at most bricks & mortar casinos in order to receive complementaries, or comps as they are generally called, is the amount of “action” and fun you “give” on the casino floor. Comps can be anything from free drinks, access to on-the-house buffets, free hotel rooms and even limousine and airline tickets to and from the casino!
At online casinos rewarding players in such a way is not feasible due to the medium, people are playing on their computer from home or on their mobile phone. On the other hand, they have much less overhead costs so they can afford to comp players with actual money or bonuses as a part of their customer retention strategy which is there at the end of the day to keep the players playing.

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For the online casino it’s super easy to keep track of your playing habits and bonus you accordingly as they have a record of every game you play, the duration you played and obviously how much you won or lost in the process.
For this purpose there are VIP or loyalty clubs, where you can accumulate comp points as you play and receive in return various rewards such as cashback bonuses, better comp point-cash conversion rates, special VIP promotions and tournaments, preference when making withdrawals and even your own private VIP Account Manager, who will personally take care of you.
In addition, just like any other business, the house needs to make sure it has a steady cashflow and stream of players so it can keep operations going on throughout the year. Just like a clothes shop that needs to get rid of its old collection to make room for the new one and holds a sale, an online casino will hold a special promotion to keep players depositing and playing during slower and quieter periods of the year.

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It turns out that the busiest times are actually weekdays (and evenings), when regular players log in, play for a bit, lose a few dollars and log out till the next day. Of course there are also differences in player activity on different days. Quieter periods are generally weekends, national and religious holidays (such as Christmas and Easter), the summer holiday and when major sporting events, such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup, are being held.
The down times are generally the best times to go looking for some good casino promotions. There are some places that are more generous with the free money and others that don’t believe in this strategy.
There are websites that track the different ongoing bonuses and promotions offered by different online casino usa , such as welcome bonuses, payment method bonuses and regular tournaments and races held.